Monday, December 11, 2006

Printing on tags-tutorial

Someone asked me how I did the tags shown earlier, so here is a tutorial! I hope you understand it, if you don’t, just ask me and I try to explain.

Step One
Make an arrow on the printing paper so you know how to put the paper in the printer later. (I didn’t do that the first time I’ve tried it. It didn’t look good upside down…)

Step Two
Put the paper in the printer, arrow down.

Step Three
Now, print your logo or the picture you want on your tag.

Step Four
Put a piece of tape on the backside of the tag.

Step Five
Put the paper on a lighting table (I don’t know if it’s the correct English word for it) or against a lamp so you can see through both the paper and the tag. Can you see your picture? Good!

Step Six
When you are satisfied with the layout, make sure that the tag is fixed to the paper.

Step Seven
Make a line with a pen around the tag so you can see where to put the other tag you want to print. In that way you don’t have to use the lighting table or the lamp to get it right next time.

Step Eight
Now put the paper with the tag in your printer, arrow down and print.

Step Nine
Voila! There’s your good-looking tag!!Print, as many you want!

[Pictures: hummmlan]


Julie said... så fint. Jætteroligt at se hur du gjør : )

Karna said...

Dette må testes ut, har laget lapper med "logoen" for min lille butikk, men da skriver jeg ut flere på et ark, og klipper de ut etterpå, men dette ble jo finere da....

Ha en fin Lucia dag!

B-M said...

Dina etiketter är verkligen kanonfina! Ha en bra Lucia & hälsa familjen

linda said...

Så smart!! Tusen takk for tutorialen!!

linda said...

Så smart!! Tusen takk for tutorialen!!