Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Belle and Boo

Today my print from Belle and Boo arrived, I’m so happy! The print is beautiful! The name of the print is “My Favourite Spot in Spring” and the artists name is Mandy, she is a British illustrator. I bought it for my daughter who was born in the spring. As soon as I have it framed I will show you some pictures! (Look at the cute little stickers I got, just love them!)

[Photo: hummmlan]

Belle and Boo has an ETSY shop, go and visit! AND buy!!!

And of course she has a blog!

[Screen Pictures from: Belle and Boo]


Hulda said...

Så fint det bildet var! Virkelig skjønne illustrajoner. Jeg må kikke på de jeg også.

belleandboo said...

ooohhhh thank you for the mention on your gorgeous blog, you've put a huge smile on my face.
Mandy :)