Thursday, September 13, 2007

I want to learn how to crochet!

When I first saw this picture I got a flashback! It reminded me about the afternoons at my grandmother. She taught me how to crochet. But now I don’t remember how to do it… It’s so sad. I made potholders and they looked something like the scarf on the pictures (I think they are called “granny squares”). I really want to learn to crochet again. I really want to do that scarf! Do you have some tips on blogs, websites or books about crocheting? Please leave a comment on this post. Thanks!

[Pictures from: stoff och stil]


Mia said...

I know!
Crafty Daisies has a crochet school. Take a look.

Crochet school

It's like riding a bike. You'll fast get the hang of it again.

Good luck!

sia said...


there is a crochet tutorial at Crafty Daisies!

cheers from Amsterdam

Mia again said...

Hej didn't notice you're Swedish! Right?

Då kanske Garnstudios virkskola passar bättre. ;-)

Malin said...

Härliga bilder :) Hittade en video på YouTube, det finns säkert fler:

hummmlan said...

Thanks for all great links!