Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alphabet Love…

or Love of Alphabet, Letter Love, Love Letter? What do you think I should call this picture I made? It’s gouache on watercolor paper. The size is 50 x 65 cm. There is no frame that has those measurements… it's a bugger! So now I have to order a customized frame, and they are extremely expensive.
But I have learn my lesson so next time I will double check the standard measurements on frames before I throw my self into creativity :-)

Would you consider buying a poster like this? (With the right measurements of course and a reasonable price!)
I’m thinking of order some prints of this alphabet picture.

It’s not a first-class photo, I wanted to scan it but it wouldn’t fit in my little scanner ;-)
I will take some photos when I have framed it and its up on the wall.

[Photo: hummmlan]


Anne said...

Looks great with so many fonts.

Karin said...

"For the love of letters" ett annat förslag? De vore perfekta på vykort och anteckningsböcker också tycker jag!

B-M said...

Du har fått en nominering i min blogg! :-D

Brook said...

Just came to check out your blog from flickr... love the skull cross stitch... so cute!