Monday, December 29, 2008

The keys to my heart

This is my necklace with an old vintage typewriter key with the letter M. I bought it on Etsy at Lizzybleu typewriter jewelry. The old key I think belonged to my grandparents. I found it in a drawer just laying there waiting to be found. I’ve been searching for a key like this on the internet for quite a while now. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was! I think it was meant to be… I chose the letter M because my daughters name starts with an M.
I think the old key and the typewriter key makes a good combo. What do you think?

[Photo: hummmlan]


Celestial Charms said...

What a beautiful combination for a necklace, and double the fun to now have memories attached to it. I think you have motivated me to buy an "M" for myself!

Moa said...

Jättefint! Jag gillar verkligen M:et också, så snyggt att det kommer från en gammal skrivmaskin!