Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

I was going through my stuff at the outhouse (looking for the music box) where we have all the cardboard boxes we haven’t unpacked yet. And we moved to this house 14 months ago…
I found my old Polaroid camera! Oh my, this brings back a lot of memories! But the weird thing is that I don’t find any Polaroid photos… Where have they gone?
I got so excited that I started to look if there was a possibility to buy film to the camera. An yes, you can still get film to your Polaroid but its quite expensive it turned out. I don’t think I want to pay about 30 dollars for 10 pictures!! Or? It would be kind of cool though…

Another way to get cool pictures and not so expensive is to use an action in Photoshop that turn your pics into Polaroid’s. Here is a site where you can get the Polaroid action.

[Photos: hummmlan]


Em said...

Hurra! Jag har oxå en sån nånstans i en låda. Väldigt skojigt.

I have a new blog! said...

å jag gillar den låten så mkt.

Maria said...

Har testat det där att "polaroida" bilderna i datorn, blir fint!

Julia said...

Nu finns det "leksaker" Från 70-talet på bloggen... Blev sugen när jag läste din kommentar! Ha en fin dag!

Anonymous said...

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