Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My first shoes

I think I have got a bit obsessed with Photoshop… But it is so much fun! A couple of months ago I bought a digital system camera, and I fell in love :-) I have always been interested in photography and have taken a lot of photos with my analogue system camera and a small compact camera. But when I got my digital Canon camera it was love at first sight! The photos looks soooo much better with this one. And I have discovered Photoshop… Now I can take my photography to another level.

My first shoes, blogged here.

Grandmas old coffee pot, blogged here.

[Photos: hummmlan]

Textures from AlexEdg


Celestial Charms said...

You are very lucky to have Photoshop. I do have Photoshop Elements and it will take me years to figure out all that can be done!
Happy photo taking!

Maria said...

Önskar mig också en digital systemkamera. SKa inhandlas när jag får ett litet plus över, förhoppningsvis någon gång innan nästa år...
Dina bilder är fina!! Känner igen stuket på skorna, har inte kvar några sådana egna, men min bror har...